To start weaving, you must first loom the warp yarns, which determine the type, colour and size of the fabric and remain unalterable till the end. The warps form the structure of the fabric and must be designed correctly. Every minor mistake can slow down the process. Warps are like the basis of being; like the fact that I am an Iranian woman, with unchanging characteristics. But, wefts are like thoughts, experiences and memories; changing or repeating... and can alter the design or colour of the fabric in every move. They are like moments of life, which repeat, but are always fresh and new!

From the early days of history, ethnic arts have been evidences of their age. Arts move like waves and every rise and fall shape a certain style or school. Today, the world is in a rush, as if it is always late! The reason for extinction of many traditional arts is because their production lacks the spirit of time; as if everything is the same as it was! The art becomes the repetition of the past and short of today... a cliché!

I am not looking for the meaning of today in the ruins of the past; I am carrying the bundle of our culture on my shoulder, in order not to find tomorrow empty!

They say that "modernity is a summary of the news we hear". In the modern world, every individual has gathered the whole history and geography of the world in them. It is said that modernity has penetrated into individuals' genetic code and turned into the mankind's heritage! Every civilisation that does not follow its course will be ruled out of the path, in which the world is moving. Every day, many traditional clothes, games and languages are forgotten and only those innovative civilisations remain that can give their lives a concept, consistent with their values. The cultural wealth, of which we are proud, is not just a word in a dictionary!